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This page is intended to provide thorough and up-to-date information about HTNG's Structural Reorganization, and how it will affect current workgroup participants. If you have a question or concern that is not covered on this page, please send an email to our Workgroups Mailbox, and an HTNG Workgroup Facilitator will respond to your request as soon as possible.



Starting in early 2010, HTNG workgroups will be reorganized into two forums, with many of the current teams being promoted to full workgroups. The two forums will be:

  • Infrastructure & Device Forum - This forum will address infrastructure and device efforts, and equates roughly to the existing In-Room Technology Workgroup, which will continue to operate very much as it does now.
  • Software Forum - This forum will focus on software issues, and will encompass the Distribution Content Management, Payment Systems & Data Security, and Property/Distribution Solution Workgroups, as well as the various teams currently organized within the Architecture and Property Web Services Workgroups; most of these teams will become autonomous workgroups within the forum.

Forums will preserve and extend the current autonomy of our workgroups and teams, and will be the primary organizational level at which face-to-face meetings occur. The software forum will enable better coordination of various web services efforts through joint meetings and forum-level review of specifications.

Reorganizational Charts

2010 Forum/Workgroup Structure

Last Updated 5-4-2010

Workgroup Transitions

Property Web Services Workgroup Transition
In-Room Technology Workgroup Transition
Architecture Workgroup Transition
Property Distribution Solutions Workgroup Transition
Distribution Content Management Workgroup Transition
Payment Systems and Data Security Workgroup Transition

Forum Support Fees

Starting on your membership renewal date during 2010, a single annual fee will cover membership dues and participation in one or both forums. If your membership renewal occurs in any month other than January, then pro-rata workgroup support fees will apply for workgroup participation from January 1, 2010 until your next renewal date. In general, if your workgroup or team participation does not currently require you to pay workgroup support fees, you will remain exempt during the transition period as long as your participation level does not change.

Under the new structure, the average recurring fees to HTNG members (membership dues plus annual workgroup support fees) in 2010 will remain approximately unchanged from 2009, a reflection of the current economic situation.

  • Active members in HTNG workgroups will in most cases enjoy a reduction in total fees upon their 2010 membership renewal, while non participants will see a modest increase. This change largely eliminates what had been a cost penalty for active workgroup participation: previously, those members who contributed the most time and effort to helping our industry also had to pay the highest fees.
  • The change also eliminates a cost barrier that many members - especially smaller hotels and independent consultants - faced when considering getting involved in workgroups. We expect that this will assist workgroups in getting more hoteliers to participate actively.

FAQs About Forum Support Fees

  • Q. I'm not currently paying for my participation in a team within a workgroup. Will I now have to pay a workgroup fee?
  • A. No, there will be no additional fees for this level of participation as long as you are not participating in any face-to-face meetings prior to your annual renewal cycle.
  • Q. Will it cost me more to remain involved in workgroups?
  • A. While individual situations will vary, in most cases it will not; in fact, most members who are currently paying workgroup fees will see their total costs decline. This applies both to the 2009-2010 transition year, and going forward.
  • Q. We're hard hit in this economy, why are you raising our membership fees in 2010?
  • A. Due to the tough economy, we targeted a zero increase in total fees this year, and the average cost of HTNG participation is roughly unchanged. We have, however, redistributed the collection of fees in a more equitable manner, and fees have effectively gone up for non-participants in our workgroups. These members receive the benefits of the efforts of our workgroups, and previously paid less than the active participants who contributed to those benefits. Starting in 2010, they will pay the same.
  • Q. We will have to pay some pro-rated workgroup fees in 2010. When and how will these be collected?
  • A. They will be invoiced in early November and due on January 1. If fees are not paid by February 1, then we will assume you want to terminate your workgroup membership, but you can reinstate it retroactively as long as it is paid by March 15, 2010.
  • Q. Our membership is up for renewal in November 2009, what fees do we have to pay?
  • A. You will pay the normal membership fees for 2009 due at your renewal date. Your membership will not convert to the new combined rate until November of 2010. However, if you are active in workgroups for which there are fees, you will be asked to pay the pro-rated fees for your workgroup participation until your renewal date (as described in scenario 2b in the memo.)
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