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Workgroup Summary

The purpose of this workgroup was to describe an architecture (applications architecture, data architecture, and integration architecture) that supports the HTNG vision, and would provide guidance and direction to software vendors and hospitality companies alike in choosing and designing applications that support the vision. Key features of the HTNG vision included application integration, interoperability, stability, flexibility, scalability, and adaptability.

This workgroup was dissolved during HTNG's 2010 Workgroup Reorganization effort, but the effort continues by way of the Reference Architecture Workgroup.


The functional scope could include the following areas, with the actual scope to be determined based on the final selection and interests of participating companies:

  • Reservations (rooms/condos/cabins, tickets, activities, etc.)
  • Distribution (GDS, intermediaries, internet, etc.)
  • Property management (front desk, maintenance, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Activities management (golf, dining, excursions, etc.)
  • Group sales, catering, and event management
  • Inventory management (single image of inventory)
  • Guest recognition (single image of the guest)
  • Reporting, planning, and analytics


This workgroup was dissolved, and in most respects was succeeded by the Reference Architecture Workgroup.


Reference Architecture Team, now Reference Architecture Workgroup

Hospitality Industry Terminology Team

Key Documents and other useful information

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