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Workgroup Overview

This effort seeks to create a specification that will define a standard way to represent aggregated collections of messages as files, transform and process those files for transfer and transfer them reliably between systems.

Most Recent Workgroup Charter Outline

Business Problem

The hotel industry is lacking a common means of providing the ability to:

  • Aggregate & structure data to be transferred
  • Transfer file based data
  • Transform data for use by a target system

in an efficient, secure and reliable way, does not exist. One example why this capability is needed would be to seed data for a new system deployment or to deliver large quantities of data for dashboard applications or business intelligence. This lack of common standards significantly increases the time and integration cost to deploy new systems.


A number of solutions exist that can reliably transfer large files over the Internet. However these solutions are not concerned about the structure of the file or the transformations of the file to meet a specific purpose. This specification will define a standard way to:

  • Represent aggregated collections of messages as files
  • Transform and process files for transfer.
  • Transfer files securely and reliably between systems


  • Create a Specification - including business scenarios and use cases, list of considerations and glossary of terms
  • A collection of general reusable approaches to address the business scenarios and use cases developed in Phase 1
  • Messages that support the solutions developed in Phase 2 (for 2016B release cycle)
  • Incorporate feedback for second version (for 2017A release cycle)

Key Contacts

Interim Co-Chairs:

  • Sherry Marek, Datavision
  • John Bell, Ajontech LLC.

Board Liaisons:

  • N/A

Acting Facilitator: Joe Gallo

Status/Meeting Schedule

This workgroup meets weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM EDT. For information about future events, check the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

Categories of participation:

  • Required - N/A
  • Desirable - PMS and CRS Vendors, POS and F&B, Revenue Mgmt., CRM, etc.

Participation Options:

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

  • N/A
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