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Workgroup Summary

This workgroup addressed the challenge of getting quality coverage for cellular/mobile phones within hotels. It explored a number of technologies, and enabled cellular coverage to be provided over a hotel’s wireless IP backbone. This allows existing or new wireless access points to carry both traditional WiFi traffic and also licensed cellular traffic. In some models, the technology may also create revenue opportunities for hotels through the “offload” of cellular traffic from the overcrowded wireless spectrum onto hotel-owned terrestrial IP networks, a model many wireless carriers are actively exploiting.

Business Benefits

  • Cost effective , commercial quality, multi-carrier cellular coverage and capacity (voice, data and video) for guests, staff and visitors.

Key Contacts

Co-Chair: Dayna Kully, MobileAccess

Co-Chair: David Jackson, Omni Hotels

HTNG Board Advisor: Richard Tudgay, Omni Hotels

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Status/Meeting Schedule

This Workgroup is currently in Maintenance and meets on an as-needed basis. For information about future events, check the HTNG Schedule.


List of participants

Categories of participation:

Required - Wireless Service Providers, DAS Equipment Vendors, Smart Wall Jack Vendors

Desirable - Third Party Operators, Femtocell Vendors, Wireless Consultants

Participation Options:

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

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