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Team Charter

It is the charter of the EMEA Advisory Team (EAT) to work closely with each of the IRT Teams to review the impact and viability of each project in the European hospitality market. Due to the fact that Europe has many countries, languages, ethnicities, in guest room entertainment systems and technologies in a small geographic area, hoteliers face many unique challenges when trying to provide services that meet the desires of the European hotel guest. The EAT will provide insight and guide individual teams to make each project deployable and compatible throughout Europe.

Additionally, Europe is the largest outbound market for travel. A complementary objective of the EAT is to ensure a better understanding of the European traveller’s needs when they stay in hotels elsewhere in the world.

While the primary geographic focus of the EAT is Europe, the organization of hotel companies and vendors suggests the need in many cases to include Africa, Middle East, and other contiguous geographies.

Many technology suppliers in Europe are national or regional service providers that utilize proprietary solutions that are not standards based, which can create interoperability issues. It is an objective of EAT to engage the participation of the dominant national players in each technology and provide a standards based approach, which will allow pan-European hotel companies to utilize their products while maintaining a single integrated architecture and platform.

It is a challenge for non-European members to determine the market needs and/or requirements of European hotels, thus the EAT is primarily comprised and led by hoteliers, consultants and vendors that are based in or conduct business throughout Europe. This is to ensure that this team has a true European influence and voice.

Business Benefits

  • Create a knowledge base of country-specific information to reduce the need for each hotelier and vendor to spend time researching basic information.
  • Ensure EMEA applicability of solutions and standards developed by global workgroup participants
  • Foster greater collaboration among EMEA based vendors to implement workgroup solutions for EMEA hotel customers.


This team has been retired. Please contact workgroups@htng.org if you have questions about this team.

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