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Summary of Workgroup Charter

This workgroup, which previously produced a standard design for guest-device connectivity panels, has addressed the need for a single remote control that works with televisions, hospitality set-top boxes, and other devices. This approach allows the hotel to mix-and-match supporting hardware without requiring custom integration for the remote control, and reduces cabling complexity and cost. To acheive this, the group has mandated portions of, and provided extensions to, HDMI’s Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) standard. The workgroup will extend this capability to Asia, parts of Europe, and South America.

Business Benefits

  • Greater compatibility with worldwide markets, including Asia, parts of Europe, and South America
  • Enhanced guest experience though easier coordination of multiple input devices
  • Reduced cost and complexity of management of entertainment systems through:
    • Creation of a simplified universal remote control device
    • Reduced cable complexity
    • Reduced integration costs for coordination of devices from different manufacturers
    • Greater compatibility with off-the-shelf consumer electronics, reducing need for expensive hospitality specific devices

Key Contacts

Chairperson: Bryan Steele (Jireh-Tek Ltd.)

HTNG Board Advisor: Jeremy Ward (Kempinski Hotels S.A.)

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Meeting Schedule

This workgroup meets on a bi-weekly basis. For more details, please visit HTNG's Events & Meetings Webpage


List of participants

Categories of participation:

Hoteliers, TV manufacturers, Set-Top Box manufacturers, DVD/audio system manufacturers, Intelligent Auxiliary Panel manufacturers, VOD system vendors

Participation Options: Participation Options:

Key Documents and other useful information

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