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Workgroup Overview

This workgroup is creating a series of best practice documents and webinars to describe how to effectively deliver and deploy a fiber network to and within a hotel. The documents/webinars will cover an introduction to fiber and PON technology and design guides for new builds and retrofits.

Current Workgroup Charter Outline

Business Problem

With an abundance of emerging technologies, new applications and demand for seemingly unlimited bandwidth, hoteliers are challenged to design and implement an infrastructure to meet the growing demands of guests, staff and visitors. Hoteliers have extensive experience with CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and COAX infrastructure, as well as limited experience with fiber in the riser. However, there is a growing perception that these options will be insufficient, not to mention costly, to support the growth of data, mobile and future unknown applications. As a result, hoteliers are eager to explore next generation infrastructure options, such as fiber to the room, but they lack the necessary understanding and guidance to evaluate and plan deployments.

Planned Outcomes

A series of deliverables that describe how to effectively deliver and deploy Optical Fiber infrastructure and related technologies to and within a hotel. The deliverables will cover:

  • Fiber 101 – Overview document to give an understanding on the material and its capabilities.
    • Optical fiber cable and connectivity options
    • Current network technologies utilizing optical fiber
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON) 101 – Overview document to give a more detailed understanding on the electronics behind this technology.
  • Design Guide for:
    • LAN bandwidth calculator
    • New builds
    • Retrofits
  • Executive summary document for CXOs
  • A series of 2-4 webinars to provide an introduction to the various topics, appropriate for field IT personnel, and making them aware of other resources (including the documents above)


Key Contacts


  • Greg Dawes, VT Group
  • Don Jensen, Windstream Hospitality (Interim)

Board Liaisons:

  • Fraser Hickox

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Status/Meeting Schedule

This workgroup meets every two weeks. For information about future events, check the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

Categories of participation:


  • Fiber providers
  • Low voltage contractors
  • DAS Equipment vendors
  • PON vendors
  • Hoteliers with new builds and/or retrofit projects that involve the consideration or direct use of fiber technology


  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Wireless Consultants
  • Hospitality Technology Consultants
  • IPTV vendors
  • IP PBX vendors

Participation Options:

Key Documents & Other Useful Information


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