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Summary of Governance Council

The Governance Council is a body composed of leaders and key participants from each HTNG workgroup. It plays important coordinating roles to ensure that the workgroups are as effective as possible, including:

  • Establishing workgroup and team policies and procedures to guide the creation of workgroup products so that HTNG objectives are continuously achieved
  • Ensuring that existing workgroup products are reused to the maximum extent possible
  • Providing processes, procedures, and supporting tools for effective coordination and reuse of HTNG workgroup products
  • Promoting transparency of work products through its cross-workgroup membership and its communication vehicles
  • Recommending escalation processes in the event of inter-workgroup conflict

Key Contacts


  • John Bell, Ajontech
  • Brian Alessi, Delaware North Companies, Inc.

Acting Facilitator: Douglas Rice

Meeting Schedule & Status

The Governance Council will meet once a month, on Wednesdays at 11am EST/EDT, until the end of 2014. The Governance Council will transfer all responsibilities to other HTNG entities and will disband by the end of the year.

Current Teams

  • There are no current teams within the Governance Council

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

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