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Summary of Team Objectives

This team, part of the Architecture Workgroup, aimed to create, deploy, maintain, and market an external website to serve as a reference of Hospitality Industry specific terminology and business processes, pulled from HTNG work products, in order to improve industry and business communication between hoteliers and vendors as well as increase the traction and adoption of the HTNG Reference Architecture.

Business Benefits

  • Increase communication between hoteliers and vendors for vendors to be clear of requirements and for hoteliers to be clear on expected functionality from vendors
  • Improve traction and adoption of HTNG Reference Architecture through marketing
  • Reduce cost of integration by eliminating ambiguous terms and business processes between vendors when creating best of breed solutions

Meeting Schedule

This team is no longer meeting.

Current Discussion Topic(s)

  • Review the "Terminology Review Process"
  • Discuss and review comments of definitions that are open

Key Documents and other useful information

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