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Summary of Workgroup Charter

The goal of this workgroup was to allow hotel guests to enjoy an interactive entertainment experience comparable to what is available in the US home market, while eliminating or reducing the need for head-end equipment in the hotel. The group saught to identify and solve the technical challenges faced by different content delivery approaches (e.g. cable, satellite) with regards to hardware and encryption in the hospitality market. The objective was to identify a standards-based framework for content delivery from a variety of content providers. The initial focus of the effort was the US market, but it may be broadened for other geographic regions in the future.

Business Benefits

  • Enables hotel guests to enjoy the interactive experience available to cable subscribers in their homes and eliminates or reduces the need for head end equipment in the hotel
  • Simplifies content delivery
  • Opens opportunities for new and creative business models for both industries


The workgroup is currently retired, and thus, not meeting regularly.

Key Documents and other useful information

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