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Forum Summary

The Infrastructure and Device Forum is a general group of members interested in hardware, networks, and related infrastructure. Its scope includes telephony, entertainment systems, network infrastructure, guest Internet access, door locking, minibar, building management systems, environmental controls, and other systems. All HTNG memberships include full voting membership in a choice of at least one forum, and the option (free or additional cost, depending on membership type) to participate in additional forums.

Several workgroups focused on infrastructure and guest-room systems are organized within this forum. The forum meets five times per year face-to-face (three meetings in North America and two in Europe). Most of the workgroups affiliated with this forum also meet face-to-face in conjunction with these meetings. Active workgroups also meet via tele/webconference on a regular (typically weekly or bi-weekly) basis throughout the year.


This forum is in many respects a successor to the former In-Room Technology Workgroup, which was split into several separate workgroups. The new workgroups continue to coordinate their activities through the forum. Some historical artifacts of the old workgroup are linked below.

Key Contacts

North American Chairs:

  • David Heckaman (Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group)
  • Neil Schubert (Marriott International)

EMEA Chairs:

  • Bryan Steele (Jireh-Tek Limited)
  • Albert Maes (Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.)

Acting Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy


Every HTNG member company is assigned to one or both forum(s) based on their membership dues. Corporate Industry Partner memberships include one forum; other membership types including those for Platinum and Benefactor members, hospitality members, individual consultants, academics, students, and media include all forums. Please see one of the options below if you are not a member of the Infrastructure & Device Forum and would like to apply to join, or if you are interested in workgroup membership. If you are not sure whether you are a member of the Infrastructure & Device Forum, please contact our Workgroup Mailbox and we will advise you.

Participation Options:

Current Workgroups

The following workgroups coordinate their activities through the Infrastructure and Device Forum:

Currently Chartered Workgroups

Entertainment Device Control Workgroup - This workgroup, which previously produced a standard design for guest-device connectivity panels, has addressed the need for a single remote control that works with televisions, hospitality set-top boxes, and other devices. This approach allows the hotel to mix-and-match supporting hardware without requiring custom integration for the remote control, and reduces cabling complexity and cost. To acheive this, the group has mandated portions of, and provided extensions to, HDMI’s Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) standard. The current workgroup effort focuses on extending this functionality to Asia, parts of Europe, and South America.

Fiber to the Room Workgroup - This workgroup is creating a series of best practice documents and webinars to describe how to effectively deliver and deploy a fiber network to and within a hotel. The documents/webinars will cover an introduction to fiber and PON technology and design guides for new builds and retrofits.

Infrastructure Resource Team - This group develops best practices for the deployment of new and existing infrastructure technologies within hospitality as well as the ongoing evaluation of those technologies. Their ultimate goal is to reduce cost of infrastructure and interfaces, provide greater reliability for interfaces to in-room devices, enable guests to easily connect their own devices and provide infrastructure guidelines to support future hotel applications.

Mobile Device Identification and Authentication Workgroup - This workgroup is creating a best practices document for registering and authenticating a device once (for example, within a hotel, or group of hotels, such as a brand) so that the device and it's user can be recognized automatically.

New Builds Workgroup - This workgroup will develop comprehensive architectural and design guidelines as well as commissioning check lists that will ensure that proper technologies can be deployed when the building is commissioned. The workgroup would then socialize those guidelines with the architects, consultants and engineers that design hotels.

Maintenance Workgroups

Cellular Coverage Workgroup - This workgroup is working on creating a specification for an IP connected device with the appropriate RF interface for both licensed cellular and WiFi services.

Device Controls Integration Workgroup - This workgroup is working on standards for controlling in-room devices such as environmental controls, safes, minibars, door locks, and others.

Intelligent Guest Room Workgroup - This cross-forum workgroup created remote monitoring capabilities that could proactively alert the hotel to problems with guest room devices. This was in response to the problem that rooms are increasingly electronic but there is very little quality control, meaning that the guest is frequently the one who discovers there is a problem with a guest room device.

Key Documents and other useful information

Best Practices

Please visit for descriptions and download links for the following documents:

  • A Hotelier’s Guide to Cellular Coverage Solutions (2012)
  • RFP Guidance for Neutral-Host Distributed Antenna System (DAS) (2012)
  • Business Requirements Specification - Hosted Entertainment Content Delivery Solutions (2011)
  • Converged Infrastructure Survey (2010)
  • IP PBX Hospitality Requirements and RFP template (2009)
  • Hotel Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Reference Document (2009)
  • IP TV Primer (2008)
  • Buying a TV For Your Property (2008)

Approved Specifications


White Papers

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