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Summary of Team Charter

The Infrastructure Resource Team, is working on defining and establishing communications infrastructure to provide connectivity for hotel based applications. This team is also working on identifying service and support components to effectively manage the defined communications infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost of infrastructure and interfaces.
  • Greater reliability for interfaces to in-room devices.
  • Ability for guests to easily connect the entertainment and productivity devices that they carry with them.
  • Provide infrastructure guidelines to support future hotelapplications.

Current Project(s)

  • Exploring and and identifying the many ways guest can bring their own content (including pairing technologies such as Miracast)
  • Building a Bring Your Own Device Initiative best practices document
    • Creating a catalog of current consumer devices(and their capabilities) guests may bring to the hotel room
    • Compiling hotelier and vendor experiences with deploying consumer grade devices to the guest and hotel room
  • Creating a Digital TV Deployment Best Practices Guide - Just completed!
    • Define the requirements of different types of Digital TV networks
    • Reference component and cabling diagrams for different types of deployment
  • Moving the PBX to the Cloud
    • This group is developing guidelines and best practices when moving the private branch exchange (PBX) to the cloud
    • This group is is also planning an executive summary and total cost of ownership calculator
  • Developing a Wi-Fi Roadmap and Technical Considerations - Just completed!
    • Business level considerations when upgrading your wireless / network infrastructure
    • Technical considerations for deployments
    • Explore different methods of bandwidth shaping and the best way to communicate policies between network components (such as routers, bandwidth shaping devices, link balancers etc)
  • Evaluating topics for conducting an HTNG Webinar. Topic include (but are not limited to):
    • Fiber Transport
    • 4G/Femtocell
    • RFID
    • Machine to machine communication
    • Multi-broadcast Multicast Systems

Key Contacts

Richard Wagner (Marriott International)

Dayna Kully (5thGenWireless)

HTNG Board Advisor: David Velasquez

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Meeting Schedule

This workgroup normally meets bi-weekly on Tuesday at 11:00 AM (EST/EDT). For more details, please visit the workgroup's Collaboration Site


List of participants

Categories of participation:

Required - Hoteliers, HSIA, HVAC, Consultants, Wireless access, Networking Infrastucture, VOD providers

Participation Options:

Key Documents and other useful information

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