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Summary of Workgroup Efforts

The efforts of this group will focus on two aspects. The first aspect will be to predict the future needs/demands of the hotel guest. The second aspect will be identifying the underlying technologies (platforms, devices, etc.) currently in use or available today that have the capacity to exceed future demands. Analysis of these two aspect will help guide hoteliers in making informed decisions for the future of their properties.

Business benefits

  • To be determined through the course of the Workgroup life cycle when chartered

Key Milestone(s)

  • Build a library of relevant internet articles via a wiki page.
    • The article's title
    • A link for the specific article
    • A description explaining why the it is important to read and understand the article's message
  • Webinars
    • First webinar in the series: IoT, the precursor to IoE (Internet of Everything)
  • White Paper
    • white paper corresponding with the first webinar that focuses on value of IoT from both a business perspective and the guest experience
  • Best Practices Document(s)
    • When IoT goes wrong... Illustration how, if not executed properly, the horrors or potentially catastrophic outcomes that can ensue as a result
    • IoT Security - exclusive focus on the appropriate steps on organization should take to ensure thorough security measures have been enacted when connecting devices that communicate via IPV or through proxy's


  • Webinars
  • White Paper
  • Best Practice Document(s)

Key Contacts

Chair: TBD

HTNG Board Advisor: TBD

Acting Facilitator: Joe Gallo

Meeting Schedule

This Workgroup is currently meeting every other Thursday.

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

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