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How Manufacturers Use IoT for Operational Efficiencies
The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just the latest buzzword to circulate through board rooms of manufacturing conglomerates. The IoT is a proven strategy, a developing trend, and an innovative technology. More importantly, IoT enables Organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and increase profits. As the ecosystem of connected devices grows, as more corporations adopt its technologies, while it can still offer a competitive edge: this is the time to reap its benefits.
Why The IoT Will Take Over Every Industry
In the future, everything is IoT oriented. What we’re going to see in the coming years will be unprecedented, but not unpredictable. Processes and operations that weren’t even conceivable a few years ago are going to come to life, take over, and replace low-tech methods with unmatched efficiency.
Ars Editor, Sean Gallagher turns an NPR IoT segment into a security lesson. After his feature on the Internet of Things future, All Things Considered wanted more.
A brief but good discussion of security and the current IoT trends
Big Brother Is Watching Your Car—in Real Time
How the Internet of Things is impacting the public and we're not even aware
See the World's Greenest Office Building - The Edge
The Edge, in Amsterdam, is officially the greenest office building in the world. It's also the testing ground for a radical, highly connected new way of working, where employees have no set workspaces and can dial in their individual climate and lighting preferences via an app. Businessweek's Tom Randall got a first-hand look at the inner workings of this office of the future. (Video by: Justin Beach, Brandon Lisy, Alan Jeffries) (Source: Bloomberg) (Corrects company name in video.)Practical implementation of IoT
I stayed in a hotel with Android light-switches and it was just as bad as you'd imagine
These issues are not isolated incidents, they are systemic across the connected device industry. That's not to say that every IoT manufacturer is deploying flawed products, but it's more likely than not that a product is vulnerable.
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