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Workgroup Overview

This workgroup will create a JSON framework that will selectively allow the client to return a specified set of data elements.

Most Recent Workgroup Charter Outline

Business Problem

Currently, some HTNG messages are difficult to implement due to their complexity for certain systems / device types. Many of today’s devices (especially mobile devices) simply do not have the adequate support to handle SOAP-based messages efficiently. Vendors and hoteliers have expressed an interest in an alternative to SOAP-based messages. The technology industry is moving towards JSON-based API and it is a technology that a number of vendors are attempting to implement themselves, but would prefer a standard approach to promote interoperability.


The workgroup proposes to create a JSON framework that reflects existing HTNG & Open Travel Specifications that would selectively allow the client/consumer/requester to return a specified set of data elements, and provide implementation standards (such as URI standards, query parameter standards, HTNG SOAP header info via HTTP and REST/JSON RPC, etc.) for accessing the framework. The framework will supply guidance for future HTNG standards and show the conversion of an HTNG XML message into JSON.


  • Implementation standards – May 2015
  • Conversion of HTNG XML into JSON (example, rules, resources) - August 2015
  • Guidance for future standards - November 2015

Key Contacts

Co-Chairs: Scott Mercer, Delaware North Companies, Inc.

Board Liaisons: N/A

Acting Facilitator: Joe Gallo

Status/Meeting Schedule

This workgroup meets weekly on Fridays at 11:00 AM EDT. For information about future events, check the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

Categories of participation:

  • Providers of system-to-system communications
  • Providers of mobile-to-system communications

Participation Options:

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

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