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Workgroup Overview

This workgroup will document the network requirements and best practices needed to replicate the home network environment in the hotel. This will enable common consumer devices (meant for the home network) to be used by guests on the hotel's network, enabling common use case scenarios such as displaying guest-based content on the hotel-owned television.

Current Workgroup Charter Outline

Business Problem

When a guest comes to a hotel, the network environment they connect to is very different than what is in the guest’s home. In today’s hotel environment, every internet connection is independent; but the home environment is a private network solution (where devices can see each other, but are still secured from neighboring environments). The hotel needs to be able to connect the hotel-provided devices (e.g. tv, ip-phone). The guest also needs to connect the devices he or she wants to a private network environment. The hotel systems still need to be able to talk to the hotel provided devices inside the guest room. The hotel needs to be able to “wipe” previous guest connections from the network (e.g. upon checkout).

Planned Outcomes

A series of deliverables that describe and document the network requirements to replicate the home network to the hotel's network:

  • Network design and documentation of representative use cases
  • Network architecture & design guide that includes on-boarding technologies that enable common consumer devices to join the hotel network
  • Documentation of support and gaps for common consumer devices


  • Use cases - coming soon
  • Network architecture - coming soon
  • Support for consumer devices - coming soon

Key Contacts

Interim Co-Chairpersons:

  • Jennifer Green, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Matthew FitzGerald, Ruckus Wireless
  • Perry Correll, Xirrus

Board Liaisons:

  • TBD

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Status/Meeting Schedule

This workgroup is deciding it's teleconference schedule, but is (for the interim) meeting at 10:00 AM EDT on Wednesdays, bi-weekly. For information about future events, check the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

Categories of participation:


  • Hotel companies
  • WLAN Vendors
  • Integrators
  • Gateway providers


  • TV manufacturers
  • Consumer device manufacturers

Participation Options:

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

  • TBA


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