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Summary of Workgroup Efforts

This effort will set out to establish guiding principles through the development of a code of conduct, training and awareness sessions for how to use, store & share Personally Identifiable Information. Plus discuss architectural conversations around building the next generation of software that has these protections "built-in".

Business benefits

  • To be determined through the course of the Workgroup life cycle

Key Milestone(s)

  • Establish a set of principles or a code of conduct based on what is considered guest data
  • Awareness - Training
    • Training and awareness sessions around how we use, store & share PII. These training session will have curriculum designed with hotel staff in mind. It is important that hotel staff understand the broader ramification should guest data be compromised and the affect that has on a business from a marketing & branding perspective plus the potential devastation it can cause the guest as a "victim".
  • Digital architecture
    • Discuss what is required when building the next generation of software that has these “sets” of protections built-in


  • Webinars
  • White Paper
  • Best Practice Document(s)

Key Contacts

Co-Chairs: John Bell, Ajontech, LLC. Marion Hughes-Roger, Hospitality Evolution Resources, LLC.

HTNG Board Advisor: Richard Tudgay, Highgate Hotels L.P.

Acting Facilitator: Joe Gallo

Meeting Schedule

This group meets regularly bi-monthly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm CDT(2pm EDT). for more information on meeting frequency view the events calendar on HTNG homepage.

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