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Workgroup Overview

This workgroup simplified the way distribution systems connect to each other for the sharing of rates, availability, inventory, reservations and statistics. In addition to expanding distribution opportunities for hotels, this workgroup’s output has greatly reduced the need for double entry of reservation and rate data by enabling simple, yet robust, connections of PMS, RMS, CRS, and other systems with external distribution channels (GDS, OTAs, brand websites, and other) and intermediaries. The workgroup designed a single method for implementing the highly flexible OpenTravel Alliance messages, which participating companies (and now many others) could support, enabling a near plug-and-play implementation of distribution interfaces across a wide range of distribution partners and models.

The first publicly available specification was released to the HTNG certification program in February 2007; it included reservation delivery, rate update, and availability update. Since then, the workgroup has released additional specifications that provide updates to the original release, as well as new usage profiles and WSDLs and XSDs. Some of those additions include: a reservation pull model, ARI pull, seamless shopping and booking, and statistical data extracts for revenue management systems.

Business Benefits include:

  • By developing once, vendors can achieve basic connectivity to a large number of systems in a reduced time frame
  • Eliminates manual entry of reservations and rates into the PMS
  • Enables hotels to automatically push yield controls into distribution channels in real time, without the need for custom interfaces
  • When re-branding forces adoption of a new PMS or CRS, full channel connectivity can be quickly restored
  • Provides facilities to eliminate data duplication and redundant entry of data

Key Milestones

  • First certifiable specification, handling reservations, rates & availability – February 2007
  • Updated specification for 2008A, 2009A and 2009B cycles incorporated statistics, groups and other additions – October 2009
  • New seamless shop/book and inventory projects added – April 2010
  • Updated Reservations, Groups and Seamless Shop/Book – October 2010
  • Updated Reservations, Rates and Seamless Shop/Book – October 2011
  • Updated Reservations, Rates and Availability – May 2012
  • Added dynamic packaging functionality – October 2012
  • Broke out the 500+ page, multi-spec doc into smaller, more manageable and readable specifications – April 2014
  • Updated Availability, Groups, Rates, Reservations and Seamless Shop/Book - October 2014

Key Contacts


  • Akhtar Rashid, Agilysys

HTNG Board Advisors:

  • Riko van Santen, Kempinski Hotels
  • Vineet Gupta, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

Acting Facilitator: Jay Rosamilia

Meeting Schedule

This workgroup is in maintenance mode, meaning it does not meet on a regular basis. For more information about upcoming meetings, please visit the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

The workgroup is made up of companies interested in the product distribution space (PMS, RMS, CRS, Channel Management, OTA/GDS). Since each type of has different requirements as well as a unique role in the industry, participation from all is necessary to ensure an accurate representation of distribution.

Key Documents & Other Useful Information

Most Recent Version of Each Specification

All previous versions of these specifications are outlined on the HTNG website.



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