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The Hotel resource


GET /hotels?city=[city]&arrivalDate=[ar-date]&departureDate=[do-date]&guestCount=[count]
returns a list hotel resources
GET /hotels/{hotelcode}
returns an individual hotel resource


The "Best Available Rate" for the Hotel. How this is determined is up to the Brand or Hotel
Hotel Code
The code that uniquely identifies a single hotel property. The hotel code is decided between vendors.
Hotel Name
Name of the hotel
Hotel Code Context
A text field used to communicate the context (or source of - ex Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Amadeus) the HotelReferenceGroup codes.
Area ID
An identifier of an area as defined by a hotel reservation system.
Brand Code
A code that identifies the brand or flag of a hotel, often used for independently-owned or franchised properties who are known by a specific brand.
Brand name
The name of a brand of hotels (e.g., Courtyard, Hampton Inn).
Chain Code
The code that identifies a hotel chain or management group. The hotel chain code is decided between vendors. This attribute is optional if the hotel is an independent property that can be identified by the HotelCode attribute.
Chain name
The name of the hotel chain (e.g., Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood).
City Code
The IATA city code; for example DCA, ORD.
City Name
The name of the city the hotel is in
Public address of the hotel property.Information about an address that identifies a location for a specific purposes.
Contact Numbers
Collection of hotel contact numbers.
An element that identifies the geographic position of the hotel. For example see the GeoCoordinate Utility Object



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