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Room Type

A room type provides details and a description of a type of room. Multiple rooms may share the same type. Types are often created to reflect the beds in a room. Example Room Types might be: Single, Double, King Suite, Double Queen. Each room in the hotel is assigned a room type.


GET roomtypes
returns a collection of all roomtypes
GET roomtypes?arrivalDate=[ar-date]&departureDate=[do-date]
returns a collection of roomtypes with availability during the provided date parameters
(Optional) GET type/rooms
returns a collection of rooms of the current type


unique identifier for the room type
Bed Type Code
Indicates the type of bed(s) found in the room. Typical values would be Double, Twin, Queen, or King. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Bed Type Code (BED).List of OpenTravel


Room Category
Indicates the category of the room. Typical values would be Moderate, Standard, or Deluxe. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Segment Category Code (SEG).
Indicates the view of the room. Typical values would be "Ocean view", "Pool view" or "Garden View". Refer to OpenTravel Code List Room View Type (RVT). Examples:

JTB-do we really want to provide the code here or the look-up?
Name (OTA RoomType)
A code value that indicates the type of room for which this request is

made, e.g.: double, king, etc. Values may use the Hotel Descriptive Content table or a codes specific to the property or hotel brand.

Description (Embedded)
  • id
  • Text (Formatted)
  • Images[]
    • AltText
    • Caption
    • Width
    • Height
    • URL
(/roomtype/{id}/additionaldetails -> Description[])
Room Amenities[]
A List of Amenity objects with the following attributes:
  • QualityLevel
Used to designate the quality level of the :RoomAmenity e.g., premium, deluxe,standard, economy.
  • RoomAmenity
(Enum) Identifes the types of room amenities offered by the property. Refer to OpenTravel Code List Room Amenity Type (RMA).


OTA RoomAmenity Documentation: List of valid OTA Room Amenity Types:

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