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Workgroup Overview

This workgroup will develop technology overviews of new and alternative technologies that speed deployment, scalability, and efficiency of cellular systems inside hotels. Deployment and business models for selected technologies will also help hoteliers speed up deployment and reduce the unncertainty of carrier-level approval to redistribute the cellular network inside the hotel.

Current Workgroup Charter Outline

Business Problem

Indoor cellular network coverage has become vital due to the pervasive use of cell phones by guests and employees, from new demands of the IoT (Internet of Things), and the promise of future value-added, in-building services such as presence detection and location-specific advertising. High quality, highly secure, indoor wireless services are needed for the entire spectrum of hotel properties, not just the large venues where the cost of currently available solutions is justifiable and the wireless operators are self-motivated to provide a radio source. Any size property needs the ability to control its own wireless destiny. The hospitality industry requires a comprehensive solution that simultaneously supports all the major wireless operators and that can be deployed, inclusive of carrier RF source, at the discretion of the property owner or manager.

These guidelines should consider physical and RF infrastructure elements such as data centers, vertical risers, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular, DAS), physical network topology (including end points and switches), conduit, power, fire suppression, electrical and HVAC for the technology equipment. They should also relate to hotel applications that need the infrastructure such as digital marketing, telephony, in-room entertainment, way finding applications, life-safety, audio-visual, security monitoring and access control, and room control systems.

Planned Outcomes

New technologies and business models hold the promise to revolutionize the deployments of indoor cellular services. For the first time, the hospitality industry would be enabled to independently source carrier-approved radio equipment and, by doing so, transform the approach for improving indoor cellular coverage, capacity and capabilities in both retrofits and new construction for hotels of all sizes. The goal of the solutions are to satisfy hotel requirements such as ease of installation, scalability and management, while simultaneously fulfilling the technical and procedural requirements of the major cellular carriers. The hospitality industry requires systems that can scale to meet the needs of any sized building and support multiple operators. Ideally the property owner or contracted third parties are empowered to provide installation, configuration and operation of indoor cellular coverage solutions in a way that has no negative impact on the outdoor cellular networks yet provides the improvement in indoor coverage, capacity and capabilities that satisfies both the property owners and the operators. The solutions investigated will include new technologies and techniques such as in-building small cells and delivery of carrier signal from centralized sources.


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Key Contacts


  • Alex Ajdelstajn, Marriott International
  • Dean Fresonke, ClearSky Networks

Board Liaisons:

  • TBD

Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Status/Meeting Schedule

This workgroup generally meets on Wednesdays, bi-weekly at 11:30 AM Eastern-US. For information about future events, check the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


List of participants

Categories of participation:


  • Wireless equipment manufacturers
  • Integrators
  • 3rd party Wireless network providers
  • All interested HTNG members

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Key Documents & Other Useful Information

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