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Summary of Team Charter

The Software Resource Team is an opportunity to share insights with and to learn about emerging issues from other top software practitioners. This brand new group will be a place to explore new technologies, to debate whether a technology or approach could be used in our industry and to research open questions; all without the usual workgroup requirement of committing to an end result. Deliverables will include educational webinars, industry frameworks, best practice documents and the creation of new software workgroups. The Software Resource Team is initially being modeled after the highly successful and engaging Infrastructure Resource Team within the Infrastructure & Device Forum.

Forthcoming Deliverables:

  • On-going evaluation of emerging technologies related to software
  • Best practice documents for the software community
  • Webinars, potential examples include:
    • Security best practices
    • PCI best practices
    • Privacy best practices
    • Cloud best practices
    • Web services
  • Incubation of new workgroups
  • Facilitation of case studies & success stories of application of HTNG solutions
  • Development of whitepapers that document trends in hospitality
  • Develop list of subject matter experts that spans a number of disciplines

Active or Future Efforts

Internet of Things

The software resource team is actively discussing the various uses, technology, and business cases for the “internet of things.” More networked sensors are being deployed to hotels – but how do you make effective use of the influx of data that each of these devices generate? How do you ensure that the data your systems receive are able to leverage information into something actionable? What do you need to do to secure the data as it moves around your network, and ultimately above property (and out onto the internet)? These questions, and more, are currently under active debate by this group’s members – with the ultimate goal of introducing new and innovative use cases to hoteliers and analysis of the competing standards in the marketplace.

Single Sign On

Your company likely has a sprawling web presence, where hotel guests and staff need access to multiple systems – often with multiple credentials. In an ecosystem of separate software applications, implementing a unified access system creates operational efficiencies, reduces deployment costs and the time required to integrate systems. There are several competing standards in this area, each with different purposes and strengths. The software resource team is working on a brief analysis of these technologies, and ultimately recommend a standard that reduces deployment costs, integration issues, and frustration of your guests and staff.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications in hotels are used for dozens of reasons: loyalty programs, way-finding, marketing, services and many other purposes. As you start to think about your next mobile app, consider the user experience, benefits and compromises that hybrid, native or web-app deployments bring to the table. The software resource team has created a webinar and presentation for HTNG members on these considerations, and is developing additional material that hoteliers and vendors can use to make important decisions regarding one of the most important touch points you have with your guests and staff.

Tokenization for PII

Tokenization is often used in the context of Credit card information but many hotels also store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that must be protected as well. For example, in Europe hotels are required to store the Passport number of each international guest. Employee social security and drivers license numbers are frequently as well. Even reservation information when stored with the name of the guest can be considered PII. Can tokenization, the same technique used to protect credit card information be used to protect other PII information? This effort explores PII to develop a common understanding about what needs to be protected and the various ways of protecting customer and employee information.

Key Contacts

  • Co-chairpersons:
    • John Bell of Ajontech LLC
    • David Chestler of SiteMinder

HTNG Board Liaison: Floor Bleeker

Acting Facilitator: Patrick Dunphy

Meeting Schedule

This team meets every other Wednesday at 10:00 AM EDT. To find a list of upcoming meetings, please the HTNG Meeting & Event Calendar.


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