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This HTNG Connectivity Wiki has been designed to facilitate easy sharing of information among HTNG members. It's new and still under development, but you can help make it better! Sign up for a login if you'd like to contribute - the link is available if you click "log in" at the top right. HTNG reserves the right to restrict usage of this site to current members of the organization.

Start exploring below, or by using the navigation along the left side of this page. Welcome, and if you have any questions, please let us know by emailing our Workgroups Mailbox.

The collaboration area supplements information made available by our workgroups.

  • The Forums and Workgroups link takes you to summary information about each of HTNG's forums and workgroups, with easy links to the most relevant documents (generally these links resolve to the collaboration site, so you will need your login and password).
  • The New Ideas and Projects section is for development of ideas you'd like to explore with HTNG and other members.
  • The Released Documents page links to various officially released documents, many of them in the public domain.

The Tutorials and Howtos has information useful to developers getting started with the HTNG set of standards and guidelines. HTNG provides a number of sample applications to help you get started.

The administrative tools section provides a number of useful tools, including HTNG FAQs and a general Wiki Help area.

We welcome your participation and encourage the posting of material to help others in our unique community be more effective in their applications of technology. It's a wiki - if you're an HTNG member and would like to contribute, sign up for an account (see link at top right) and get started!

Want to post something new? See if it fits in one of the categories at the left, create a page, and link to it from that page. If you can't find a category where it seems to fit, link to your new page from this page, with a few descriptive words. Most likely it won't stay here, we'll probably create a new home for it to keep this page clean, but this way you can be sure your new ideas won't get overlooked because they're posted someplace unintuitive!

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